About Me

I am a software engineer who started exploring my culinary skills after my engagement.

The “CULINARY SKILLS” I had garnered till my engineering days can be accounted in two simple words; coffee and scrambled-egg.  Dear Reader, don’t hold back your thoughts. What you are thinking now is absolutely right. I didn’t even know how to make tea!! Don’t worry, naked truths make anyone frown.

Slowly and sadly my college days were over. Back home. Back to Bangalore. In another 2 years time I added one more item to my account – Noodles. Maggie or TopRamen, whatever it is, I added lots of vegetables (Carrots, cabbages and Beans – My familiar trio those days!) and made “Seema Special Noodles”. “She COOKS noodles well” – My Mom used to tell our visitors proudly. Did they stare at my already chammified face?

Life goes on. Parents started looking proposals for me and one day I got engaged… Under my Mom’s supervision I started my cooking lessons at home.

“Salt; ½ teaspoon enough?”
“Should I add 1 spoon chilly powder or 2 spoons?” … “Table spoon or teaspoon?”
[Slightly irritated tone] “Can you please tell me the RATIO of chilly powder to coriander powder, instead of simply saying ‘little bit’?”

By end of the day, it was more of QnA sessions and a totally frustrated expression on my Mom’s face.

Cooking has become need of the hour!!! Thanks to web for all the recipes. And the phone-In programmes with my Mom. The “RATIO” problem still exists. Internet recipes helped me here. Thanks to everyone who have taken time and effort to share your recipes on web – for FREE, that too in this patented world. Tempus Fugit (Time flies)… I am married for one and a half years… Cooking is still a routine that I have imposed on myself. No excitement… No patience (This is a lesson I learned later. You need lot of patience to cook something tasty)… “COOK… ELSE STARVE” was the sole reason for my struggle with kitchen utensils and groceries.Life is a mystery that man is supposed to solve… And at times you see yourself driving on the coarse roads of life. And your mind wandering aimlessly… I started reading, practicing yoga and next in line was COOKING!! Yes I started searching for NEW(to me) recipes on internet, TV shows etc. Tried it one by one. SUCCESS builds up your CONFIDENCE and CONFIDENCE in-turn gives more SUCCESSES. And to my surprise I found that I have started to LOVE COOKING !!! I have started ENJOYING the art of cooking.This is my presence on web. I am posting the recipes that I have tried. My only guarantee is that dustbin has not tasted the results of any of my culinary experiments. Though I am not a great cook, I have received enough appreciation from near and dear ones.

A note for readers. I don’t make my dishes too spicy. And I don’t make my desserts too sweet. If you dare try out some recipes here, adjust the spice level to meet your taste. Same with desserts and sweetness.

I sincerely hope that this is going to help beginners!!

Here is a humble request from my side to all my readers. If you get to try out some dishes from this site, please let me know how it turned up. Feel free to write a comment on the recipe page or use Contact-Me