Prestige Vegetable Cutter

This is one hell of an excellent invention.

I saw this in a prestige shop around 6 months back. It was slightly expensive compared to other manual choppers and they were not giving a demo. I was under the impression it wont be any better than many of the other choppers available in the market. And I decided not to buy it.

Recently when a shopkeeper whom I know for many years told me that he sells this in huge numbers, I thought of giving it a try. Since the day it has arrived, this is one of the most used gadget in our kitchen. The best kitchen aid for a working woman.

We had tried several vegetable chopping and cutting equipments before this, but i must say that am totally in love with this. This is an amazing product. This works really fast and makes my work done in a very quick time. A Word of caution – The blades are reallly sharp !!

Manufacturer claims that this has been built using Swiss technology. This vegetable cutter requires no electricity. If the handle is repeatedly pulled, you can even get a fine puree, instead of a coarsely chopped item.

It is easy to clean, and is small and compact. It comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

I will rate this 5/5. Making my life a lot easier. Enjoy tear-free onion chopping !


  • Can chop coarse, medium or fine
  • Suitable for cutting onions, all soft and hard vegetables, fresh herbs, and cooked meat.
  • Purely mechanical device. No need of electricity
  • Easy to clean
  • Good grip on kitchen granite
  • Compact.


  • Might not suit if you need to cut in specific sizes and shapes. For example if you need to chop onion into thin long slices, this might not suit you !

You can see a demo here

Click the image below to buy !

3 thoughts on “Prestige Vegetable Cutter”

  1. Anwar Abdul Salam said:

    Pigeon is also making same …my wife is telling so useful.

  2. Poor quality product which is imported from China and sold in Prestige name. Once the thread becomes loose (after few months), this item is useless. Pathetic support from their service centres who make you run around with nobody fixing the problem. We throwed it away frustrated after many visits to their so call service centres in Bangalore. Dont buy this third class product.

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